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    About the Club
    Brandeis University Student Sexuality Information Service (SSIS) is a student-run, not-for-profit, volunteer-based service organization. SSIS promotes sexual health with peer education, educational outreach, quality products, referrals and a library of resources. SSIS is committed to maintaining confidentiality and professionalism within the services it provides to the community. Services are provided regardless of race, disability, political or sexual orientation, gender, sex, religion or creed, enrollment status, age, sexual experience or preferences. As a service organization, SSIS is politically neutral and does not endorse any candidate, event or politically based movement. Though not certified, all SSIS members are trained and educated by professionals in issues of sexuality, sexual health and wellness. Ultimately, Student Sexuality Information Service strives to empower and educate members of the community in a safe, tolerant and non-judgmental environment.
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    Contact: Student Sexuality Information Service
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    Status: Secured
    Club Administrators
    President: Lexi Sasso
    President: Shira Davidson 
    Treasurer:  Nick Parrot 
    Additional Administrators
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    Peer Educator 

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