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    Brandeis Cupcake Obsession 

    About the Club
    I. Founded in Fall 2012, Cupcake Obsession aims to act as a resource for anyone interested in baking cupcakes on campus. Cupcake Obsession’s meetings are fun and experimental experiences that instruct members in producing high quality cupcakes with artistic frosting designs, as well as encouraging cupcake lovers to share baking inspirations. The club is open to everyone at no matter beginning or advanced levels. The club meetings are tutorials introducing the strategy of making artistic and unique cupcakes and frosting designs. Club members are also encouraged to introduce to the team their own designs based on the their past experiences. In this way, club members should be able to gain experience of making high-quality cupcakes by practicing and learning from each other. II. By demonstrating the methods of making various styles of cupcakes, and simulating real business scenarios through regular campus cupcake sales/ collaboration events, Cupcake Obsession also offers a valuable experience for students who plan to pursue a career in bakery business.
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    Contact: Klarissa Hollander
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    Status: Established
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    President: Klarissa Hollander
    President: Emily Koleske 
    Treasurer:  Jennifer Cook 
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    Alex Rich 

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