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    Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine 


    About the Club
    The primary purpose of the Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine (BSJP) is to give a voice to those who are interested in promoting the Palestinian perspective/ narrative/ point of view on campus, and to create an outlet and framework of support for students that wish to explore the Conflict. Also, we aim to provide resources (speakers, movies, exhibits etc.) that express the Palestinian narrative to the Brandeis campus. (By the way, due to weird leadership switching, I don't currently have access to the Constitution. However, it hasn't changed from it's previous iteration at this time.)
    General Information
    Contact: Lucia Pugh-Sellers
    Contact Email:

    Status: Recognized
    Club Administrators
    President: Lucia Pugh-Sellers
    Vice President:  Nai Kashua 
    Treasurer:  Jake Rong 
    Secretary:  Will Hodgkinson 
    Event Coordinator:  N/a 
    Additional Administrators

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