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    About the Club
    We, the members of the Hillel Student Board, envision a Jewish life at Brandeis University in which: every Jewish student is engaged in their personal Jewish journey in a communal context; diverse communities express Jewish life in multiple ways, and are supported by each other and by Hillel at large in their doing so; resources for Jewish expression are transparent, well-known, and easily accessible; Jewish students, as individuals and as communities, recognize and value their common participation in the life of the Jewish People. Brandeis Hillel is a learning community characterized by: a non-exclusive and welcoming spirit, in which each individual student feels valued and embraced; an ethic of transparency, whereby opportunities for meaningful engagement with Jewish life and Jewish community are well-known and easily accessible; events, initiatives, offerings that enrich the intellectual, social, professional and spiritual aspects of individual and communal life; a welcoming space in which students feel comfortable spending time; recognition of Hillel within the campus community as an important, respected collaborator and contributor to university life; an appreciation for the diversity of the Jewish community, including sensitivity to Jewish food practices and kashrut observances, and Shabbat and holiday practices
    General Information
    Contact: Stephanie Sanger-Miller
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    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Ilana Bauman
    Vice President:  Eliana Koehler 
    Treasurer:  Bradley Kaplan 
    Secretary:  Adina Scheinberg 
    Event Coordinator:  Ezra Gershman 
    Additional Administrators
    Alex Friedman 
    Jonathan Mohr

    Lindsay Biebelberg 
    Cynthia Crispino 
    Nicole Zador

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