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    About the Club
    The Jewish Feminist Association of Brandeis (JFAB) is a club dedicated to the intersection of Judaism and feminism. JFAB is committed to uplifting the voices of Jewish women on the Brandeis campus and to starting more nuanced conversations about the intersection of gender and Jewish identity and experience. JFAB strives to create environments and opportunities to substantively engage with and to build community around this intersection, in order to enrich the experiences of not only students who are Jewish and women-identified, but of all students at Brandeis University. JFAB is a pluralistic organization where we strive to create a truly open and inclusive community. As a Hillel member group, JFAB offers a unique space for Jewish students looking for a feminist space catered to their religious identities, as well as for feminist students looking for relevant and compelling ways to engage with Judaism. In addition, JFAB is committed to highlighting intersectional identities, not only taking into consideration Judaism and feminism, but all salient categories of identity, including but not limited to religion, gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability. JFAB seeks to accomplish all these goals through programming of various kinds, prioritizing creativity, education, and community building.
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    Contact: Leah McNeil
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    Status: Probationary
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    President: Leah McNeil
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