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    Taiwanese Student Association 


    About the Club
    TSA's mission is mainly to spread awareness of Taiwan's culture around campus--whether it's through dance, music, and of course, AMAZING food (don't even get me started), we're here to embrace and learn about what makes Taiwan so unique. No, you don't have to be Taiwanese to be in this club and no, you really don't have to know much about Taiwan because all of us are here to experience the culture together (even with other colleges!)
    General Information
    Contact: Madeleine Lopez
    Contact Email:

    Mailing List:
    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Nicole Huang
    President: Jay Tseng 
    Treasurer:  Jiaao Gong 
    Secretary:  Kelyn Zhang 
    Event Coordinator:  Tony Zhu 
    Additional Administrators
    Edward Liu 
    Victoria Zhao 
    Qingtian Mei 
    Candice Ji 
    Penghe Wei
    Serenity Chen
    Katrina Zhang
    Annie Tsai
    Alison Ma

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