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    Brandeis Bridges 

    About the Club
    To create a safe space where members of the Jewish and Black community can speak freely about racial and religious relations at Brandeis, in their community, and beyond. Brandeis Bridges Club members should expect to come to lively, well­ organized club meetings where their voices are not silenced, and important issues are raised respectably and treated with sensitivity. Additionally, Brandeis Bridges members must be committed to the idea of bridging the gap between Jews and Blacks. Members should come in with an open mind and be dedicated to making the environment enriching, informative, and safe.
    General Information
    Contact: Brandeis Brudges
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    Mailing List:
    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    Treasurer:  Shalmon Krinsky 
    Secretary:  R Matthews 
    Event Coordinator:  Emily Arkin 
    Additional Administrators
    Sabrina Howard 
    Ariella Gentin 
    Leora Nevins 
    Lantharra Langlois 

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