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    Basement Records 

    About the Club
    Basement Records is a tool for aspiring musicians at Brandeis to professionally: - Work on their craft - Record/Master their music - Promote and market their finished product Basement assists in the development of the artist; we give them the tools to not only polish their music, but to refine their image and branding. We provide artists with the professional recording equipment and audio engineering necessary to make their musical vision come true. We seek to make their content ready to play and available on music streaming hubs like Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music. Basement Records also emphasizes the importance of helping students promote their music by creating amazing and meaningful content like promo videos, music videos and recording session videos. In addition, Basement strives to connect artists and create a network of student musicians who can potentially collaborate!
    General Information
    Contact: Bethel Adekogbe
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    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Bethel Adekogbe
    Vice President:  Ethan Harris 
    Treasurer:  Joseph (Kyung Hyun) Kim 
    Secretary:  Jay Tseng 
    Additional Administrators

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