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    Brandeis Labor Coalition 


    About the Club
    The purpose of the Brandeis Labor Coalition is to ensure fair labor practices at Brandeis and to promote fair labor practices around the world. The club’s goal is to raise awareness about labor issues and to actively work to help attain fair labor practices. With that goal in mind, the club seeks to empower students by informing them of and facilitating change around problematic labor issues that affect them both directly and indirectly. Working cooperatively with Brandeis staff and their union representatives, the Brandeis administration, faculty, and student body, we seek to create a more inclusive university community, responsible to all of its members and the larger world in the tradition of this university’s foundational pillar of social justice.
    General Information
    Contact: Phoebe Dolan
    Contact Email:

    Mailing List:
    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    Treasurer: Nina Bart
    Secretary:  Phoebe Dolan 
    Additional Administrators
    Alina Sipp-Alpers 
    Izzi Graj 
    Yael Eiger 
    Skyler Gelinas 

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