Brandeis University
    Liquid Latex 

    About the Club
    The Purpose of the Liquid Latex Club at Brandeis University is to provide a modern arts performing group. The show is a unique experience for the Brandeis Community and will provide an outlet for creativity and expression on the campus. By providing the assistance and direction needed to perform the show, the Liquid Latex Club will create a performance that will help define a student’s experience at Brandeis University.
    General Information
    Contact: Rebecca Kahn
    Contact Email:

    Mailing List:
    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Rebecca Kahn
    Vice President:  Renee Korgood 
    Treasurer:  Max Michel 
    Secretary:  Becca Ascherman 
    Event Coordinator:  n/a 
    Additional Administrators
    Samantha Jean 
    Bradley Kaplan 
    Haley Director 

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