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    Brandeis Reform Chavurah 


    About the Club
    BaRuCH: Brandeis Reform Chavurah (hereafter referred to as BaRuCH) is an independent, student-run organization fostering Reform Judaism at Brandeis University (hereafter referred to as Brandeis). BaRuCH is affiliated with the Hillel Foundation at Brandeis University (hereafter referred to as Hillel) and is committed to the preservation of the interests, desires, and ideology of Reform Judaism within the Hillel community. Recognizing the immense diversity that exists with the Reform Jewish community throughout the world and especially within Brandeis, BaRuCH is committed to providing a variety of religious, educational, social action, and social activities.
    General Information
    Contact: Emily Dana
    Contact Email:

    Mailing List:
    Status: Recognized
    Club Administrators
    President: Emily Dana
    Treasurer:  Anna Davidge 
    Event Coordinator:  Jordan Scheiner 
    Additional Administrators
    Leah Trachtenberg 
    Nicle Zador 

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