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    About the Club
    The purpose of Her Campus Brandeis is to simply create an outlet for both Brandeis women and men to write and gain insight into each other's viewpoints and the events that effect them. Her Campus Brandeis will uphold the values and requisites of Her Campus Magazine, and allow its members and staff to express opinions in an open and accepting means. Her Campus Brandeis is a non-exclusive, unbiased organization and wishes to remain so.
    General Information
    Contact: Emily Rae Foreman
    Contact Email:

    Mailing List:
    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Emily Rae Foreman
    President: Merrick Mendenhall 
    Vice President:  Merrick Mendenhall 
    Event Coordinator:  Sakinah Master 
    Additional Administrators
    Lily Bickerstaff-Richard 

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