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    About the Club
    YourStory International is a non-profit organization that was created to challenge global poverty in a manner that engages local perspectives and provide measurable results. The mission of YourStory International is to help facilitate Community Development in impoverished communities. The guiding principles that will be exercised by Brandeis YSI to accomplish this mission are as follows: (1) Empowering people out of poverty through a focus on programs that promote strong, sustainable families (2) Improving the health and safety of women and children (3) Improving access to education and employment (4) Allocating resources and counseling for education, healthcare, job training, and small business startup towards specifically targeted individuals. Brandeis YourStory International shall be the official chapter of YourStory International at Brandeis University. The focus of the Brandeis YSI group shall be multidisciplinary, with particular focus in the fields of Business Facilitation and Public Health. The club will serve to raise awareness for issues related to the mission of YourStory International and send student volunteer groups to YourStory International sites in the US and abroad, specifically Haiti, to help realize that mission through organized initiatives.
    General Information
    Contact: Katherine Dorfman
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    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Katherine Dorfman
    Vice President:  Janikah Brice 
    Treasurer:  Nicole O'Dell 
    Secretary:  Eliana Ellinberger 
    Event Coordinator:  Miriam Beyene 
    Additional Administrators
    Destiny Morton 
    Annie Jean-Baptiste 
    Destiny Morton 
    Rose-Lee Jean-Baptiste 

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