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    Judges for Israel 


    About the Club
    Judges for Israel will host regular meetings and focus on Israeli culture, the State’s relationship with other nations, and potential paths to peace. We also aim to engage students in Israel activism. We intend to host distinguished speakers, as well as organize interactive programs and awareness campaigns. Our mission is grounded in the belief that with greater knowledge and more accurate representations of Israel, students will feel able to have thoughtful discussions and ultimately spread a positive message about Israel. As supporters of the State of Israel, we are dedicated to the advancement of discourse surrounding the Jewish state by sharing an accurate picture of Israel which is all too often lost in media chaos. Simultaneously, we avoid partisan stances and encourage students to arrive at their own educated conclusions. We stand firmly against any delegitimization, demonization, and application of a double standard to the Jewish state. Judges for Israel welcomes both Brandeis students and community members to have nuanced dialogue about Israel grounded in what we intend to become a firm understanding of its history, people, and society.
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    Status: Established
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    President: Aviya Zarur
    Vice President:  Erin Chambers 
    Treasurer:  Emma Greszes 
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