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    Caribbean Cultural Club 


    About the Club
    The purpose of the Caribbean Cultural Club is: a) To allow all Brandeis University students who were born and/or raised in the Caribbean, are of Caribbean descent, has interest in, or the desire to learn about Caribbean culture and society, to extend their interests to the Brandeis University student population b) To create and foster a spirit of understanding among students of Caribbean origin or descent c) To cement the bonds of friendship among students of Caribbean origin or descent d) To provide factual information about the Caribbean in order to eradicate assumptions and stereotypes. The club intends to do all of the aforementioned through discussions and information sessions, festivals and fundraisers, as well as artistic displays of Caribbean culture.
    General Information
    Contact: Arlett Marquez
    Contact Email:

    Mailing List:
    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Arlett Marquez
    Vice President:  Imani Islam 
    Treasurer:  Brianna Lackwood 
    Secretary:  Jaila Allen 
    Event Coordinator:  Judiana Moise 
    Additional Administrators
    Alana Gulliver 
    Cassidy Van Cooten 
    Lantharra Langlois 
    Antoni-Ann Suer 

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