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    About the Club
    Recognizing the myriad climate injustices perpetrated throughout the world as well as directly on the Brandeis campus, a need for a student group to address such issues exists. Brandeis Climate Justice will work to understand, raise awareness of, and act upon these problems in an effort to secure climate justice for all. A deep understanding of intersectionality is inherent in BCJ’s mission, as climate justice does not exist in a vacuum. BCJ is an ally of all other efforts, student and otherwise, to oppose systems of oppression including race, gender/sexuality, and socio-economic class, among many others. Through consciousness-raising meetings, public events, and peaceful demonstrations, BCJ will accomplish its mission. BCJ will operate both internally and externally with an emphasis on collaboration, democracy, and consensus-building All actors: student groups, faculty members, administrators, etc. are potential allies, and it is only through compassionate and earnest efforts to build a coalition can climate justice be realized.
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    Contact: Sabine von Mering
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    Status: Established
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    Claudia Davis 
    Tamar Moss 
    Maya Kattler-Gold 
    Kevin Costa 
    Izzi Graj
    Jordan Mudd
    Renata Leighton

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