Brandeis University
    Brandeis Firecrackers: Aerial Pole Dance and Fitness Club 

    About the Club
    The Brandeis Firecrackers Club is dedicated to the safe education of members in the art of Pole Dance "Sexy Fitness." Combining a high-intensity workout with safe stretching and good form, classes aim to build up the bodies of members while offering them a safe space in which to explore this unique style of fitness and the self-esteem boosts that it can facilitate. Classes offered will be primarily in pole dance itself but could grow to include other forms of "sexy fitness" if supported by member interest.
    General Information
    Contact: Claire Ogden
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    Status: Established
    Club Administrators
    President: Claire Ogden
    Treasurer:  Sophia Lipset-Dean 
    Additional Administrators
    Sophia Warszawski 
    Al Colon 

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