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    Brandeis has more than 260 student-run clubs and organizations, including service organizations, cultural awareness groups, performing groups, spiritual and religious groups, sports and games clubs, student leadership and activism groups, student publications, a television station (BTV) and a radio station (WBRS).

    Among these student organizations, the Undergraduate Student Union is the student governmental body that advocates for students and provides club support. It is comprised of an Executive Board, the Union Senate, the Allocations Board, and University Judiciary. They are located on the third floor of the Shapiro Campus Center in Room 301.

    This list below provides information on all of the active undergraduate clubs and organizations on campus. You are able to search for clubs and find their contact information. Can't find a club, or wish to create a new one? Please email

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    Clubs by Acronym:
    Clubs by Category:
    Club NameAcronymCategory 
    Active Minds at Brandeis UniversityPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Adagio Dance CompanyADCPerformanceView Info
    Archon YearbookMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Asian Baptist Student KoinoniaABSKSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Association of Latino Professionals For AmericaALPFAAcademicView Info
    Astronomy ClubAcademicView Info
    Bad GrammerBGPerformanceView Info
    Badminton ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Ballet ClubPerformanceView Info
    Banshee: Brandeis Women's Ultimate FrisbeeSports and FitnessView Info
    Basement RecordsMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Basketball ClubBBCSports and FitnessView Info
    Behind The ScenesBTSPerformanceView Info
    Blacklist JournalMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Boris' KitchenBKPerformanceView Info
    Brandeis 6TALKServiceView Info
    Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech SocietyBADASSCompetitionView Info
    Brandeis African Dance and Drumming ClubADCArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis African Students OrganizationBASOArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis American Sign Language ClubBrandeis ASL ClubAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Anime and Cosplay AssociationBACAArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Archery ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Asian American Students AssociationBAASAArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Association of Music/Concert OrganizingBAMCOArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Aviation ClubMiscellaneousView Info
    Brandeis Ballroom Formation TeamArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Black Student OrganizationBBSOArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Boxing ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Brewing SocietyArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis BridgesArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Chak De!PerformanceView Info
    Brandeis Chess ClubCompetitionView Info
    Brandeis Chinese Culture ConnectionBC3Arts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Climate JusticeBCJPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Climbing TeamCompetitionView Info
    Brandeis Co-Ed Water Polo ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Comic Book ClubBCBCArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Community Farm (Brandeis Farmers Club)Political and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Cupcake ObsessionMiscellaneousView Info
    Brandeis DemocratsPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Drawing ClubBDCArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Emergency Medical CorpsBEMCoServiceView Info
    Brandeis Encourages Women in Science and EngineeringBeWiSEServiceView Info
    Brandeis Equestrian ClubBECSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis esports Organization (SSBM)CompetitionView Info
    Brandeis Film CollectiveBFCArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Firecrackers: Aerial Pole Dance and Fitness ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Football (Soccer) ClubBFCCompetitionView Info
    Brandeis German ClubArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Guitar ClubPerformanceView Info
    Brandeis Harry Potter Alliance: Imagine BetterBrandeis HPAServiceView Info
    Brandeis HillelSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Brandeis Initiative for Technology, Machines, Apps and ProgrammingBITMAPAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Interfaith GroupBIGSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Brandeis International JournalBIJMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Brandeis Israel Public Affairs CommitteeBIPACPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Juggling SocietyBJSPerformanceView Info
    Brandeis Krav Maga ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Labor CoalitionBLCPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Latinx Student OrganizationBLSOArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Law Journal AssociationMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Brandeis Men's Rugby Football ClubBRFCSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Men's Ultimate - TRONTRONSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Men's Volleyball ClubBMVCSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Official Reader's GuildBORGArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Organization of Sephardic StudentsBOSSArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Orthodox OrganizationBOOSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Brandeis Pokemon ClubMiscellaneousView Info
    Brandeis Pre-Law SocietyAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Pro-ChoicePolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Prosthesis ClubBPCMiscellaneousView Info
    Brandeis QuidditchSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Quiz Bowl TeamBQBTCompetitionView Info
    Brandeis Reconstructionist OrganizationBROSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Brandeis Reform ChavurahBaRuChSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Brandeis Rowing TeamSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Sailing TeamSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Seirenkai Karate and Jujitsu AcademySports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Ski and Snowboard TeamCompetitionView Info
    Brandeis Smile TrainAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Society for Creative FantasyBSCFArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Society for International AffairsBSIAAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Squash ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Stand-UpPerformanceView Info
    Brandeis Starving ArtistsPerformanceView Info
    Brandeis Student Association for SATRIIServiceView Info
    Brandeis Students for Justice in PalestineBSJPPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis Students to End Alzheimer's DiseaseBrandeis SEADServiceView Info
    Brandeis SwingersArts and CultureView Info
    Brandeis Table Tennis ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Tae Kwon DoBrandeis TKDSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis TelevisionBTVMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Brandeis Tennis ClubBTCSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis Traditional Music ClubBTMCPerformanceView Info
    Brandeis UAIDUAIDServiceView Info
    Brandeis Undergraduate Investment ClubBUICAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Univeristy Cheerleading TeamSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis University Conservative OrganizationBUCOSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Brandeis University Mock Trial AssociationBUMTAAcademicView Info
    Brandeis Veg ClubPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Brandeis VoiceMalePerformanceView Info
    Brandeis W. Lacrosse ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Brandeis YourStory InternationalBrandeis YSIServiceView Info
    Brazilian Jiu JitsuBJJSports and FitnessView Info
    Campus Activities BoardCABMiscellaneousView Info
    Caribbean Cultural ClubCCCArts and CultureView Info
    Catholic Student OrganizationCSOSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Chabad at BrandeisSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Club CantoneseC2BArts and CultureView Info
    Co-Ed Volleyball ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Colleges Against CancerCACServiceView Info
    Common GroundSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Company BPerformanceView Info
    Console Gamers XGCXMiscellaneousView Info
    Crowd Control Improv ComedyCCPerformanceView Info
    Cru Brandeis Christian FellowshipSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Deis RoboticsAcademicView Info
    Education for Students by StudentsESSAcademicView Info
    English Language Learning InitiativeELLiServiceView Info
    False AdvertisingPerformanceView Info
    Fashion DesignArts and CultureView Info
    Feminist Majority Leadership AllianceFMLAPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Fencing ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Food Recovery NetworkFRNServiceView Info
    Foundation for International Medical Relief of ChildrenBrandeis FIMRCServiceView Info
    Free Play Theatre CooperativePerformanceView Info
    French and Francophone ClubArts and CultureView Info
    Game KnightMiscellaneousView Info
    GirlUpPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Global BrigadesGBServiceView Info
    Global China Connection Brandeis ChapterGCC BrandeisAcademicView Info
    GravityMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Greek Awareness CouncilGACMiscellaneousView Info
    Gymnastics ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Her Campus BrandeisHC BrandeisMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Hold Thy PeaceHTPPerformanceView Info
    Hooked on TapHOTPerformanceView Info
    Ice Skating ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    J Street UPolitical and ActivismView Info
    JadedN/AMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Japanese Student AssociationJSAArts and CultureView Info
    Jewish Feminist Association of BrandeisJFABSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Judges for IsraelJFIPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Kaos KidsPerformanceView Info
    Korean Students AssociationKSAArts and CultureView Info
    Laurel MoonMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Liquid LatexArts and CultureView Info
    ManginahPerformanceView Info
    MEOR at BrandeisSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Minority Association for PreMedical StudentsMAPSAcademicView Info
    Mountain ClubSports and FitnessView Info
    Muslim Student AssociationMSASpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    NamaskarSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Net Impact: Undergrad ChapterAcademicView Info
    Neuroscience ClubNeuroClubAcademicView Info
    No Singer Clef BehindPerformanceView Info
    Partners in Health Engage BrandeisPIHEBPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Photography clubArts and CultureView Info
    Platinum Step TeamArts and CultureView Info
    Pottery ClubArts and CultureView Info
    Pre-Dental SocietyAcademicView Info
    Pre-Health SocietyAcademicView Info
    Pre-Veterinary Society and Animal Appreciation ClubPre-vet/AASAcademicView Info
    Proscenium Musical Theatre A CappellaPerformanceView Info
    Rather Be GiraffesRBGPerformanceView Info
    Russian ClubArts and CultureView Info
    SalserosArts and CultureView Info
    Sangha: Buddhist Meditation ClubSpiritual and ReligiousView Info
    Sharsheret at BrandeisServiceView Info
    Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in ScienceSACNASAcademicView Info
    Society of Asian Scientists and EngineersSASEAcademicView Info
    South Asian Student AssociationSASAArts and CultureView Info
    Southeast Asia ClubSEACArts and CultureView Info
    STAND: Refugee Advocacy and Mass Atrocity Prevention (previous name: STAND: The Student Led Movement to End Mass Atrocities)STANDPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Stop Motion Dance CrewPerformanceView Info
    Student Committee for the Rose Art MuseumSCRAMArts and CultureView Info
    Student Sexuality Information ServiceSSISServiceView Info
    Students for Environmental ActionSEAPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Students Talking About RelationshipsSTARServiceView Info
    Taiwanese Student AssociationTSAArts and CultureView Info
    TAMID Group at BrandeisAcademicView Info
    The Brandeis HootMedia and PublicationsView Info
    The JusticeMedia and PublicationsView Info
    To Be Announced Improv & Sketch ComedyTBAPerformanceView Info
    Too Cheap For InstrumentsTCFIPerformanceView Info
    Top ScorePerformanceView Info
    Toxic Majorette Dance LineArts and CultureView Info
    Trading Card Game clubTCG clubMiscellaneousView Info
    TriskelionArts and CultureView Info
    Undergraduate Student UnionPolitical and ActivismView Info
    Undergraduate Theater CollectiveUTCPerformanceView Info
    Up The OctaveUTOPerformanceView Info
    Vietnamese Students AssociationVSAArts and CultureView Info
    Virtual Reality and Game Development ClubDeisVRAcademicView Info
    Voices of SoulVOSPerformanceView Info
    Waltham GroupServiceView Info
    WBRS 100.1 FMMedia and PublicationsView Info
    Women of Color AllianceWOCAMiscellaneousView Info
    Women's RugbySports and FitnessView Info
    Work in ProgressPerformanceView Info
    Young Americans for LibertyPolitical and ActivismView Info