Brandeis University

    THA 2A: Introduction to Theatre: From Page to Stage

    Instructor: Alexander Jacobs
    Prerequisites: Intended for non-majors. Does not count towards the major or minor in Theater Arts.
    Course Description: <b>This course will be a 10-week Asynchronous Online course for Summer 2022</b><br> An introduction and investigation of theater in its many aspects. This course will acquaint the student with the theatrical elements of production and performance and familiarize the student with the role of artist and audience.
    Session: Extended
    Day: Online
    Time: Asynchronous
    Credit Hours: 4 Credits
    Course Format: 10-week Asynchronous Online for Summer 2022
    Brandeis Graduation Requirement Fulfilled: CA
    Enrollment Limit: 14 students
    Course Classification: Undergraduate Level Course
    Course Tuition: $3,290
    Course Fees: None
    Open to High School Students: Yes