Brandeis University

    PSYC 140A: Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) Applications

    Instructor: Xiaodong Liu
    Prerequisites: PSYC 51a. Some introductory statistics experience will be helpful but not required. No prior SAS experience is required.
    Course Description: <b>This course will be a Zoom-based "Remote Learning" course for Summer 2022</b><br>

    This course is designed for those who are interested in (1) learning the basics of SAS and its application in data management and data analyses, (2) expanding their understanding of inferential statistics and statistical modeling in SAS platform, (3) fostering their appreciation of quantitative reasoning with data and the confidence in analytical skills, and (4) generating reproducible report through incorporating SAS code, results, and interpretation into one document.

    This course aims for students not only to learn significant disciplinary content, but also to refine their quantitative thinking skills, to apply the concepts and facts that students learned to new situations, and to empower students to act responsibly in their future roles related to data reading, understanding, and interpreting.
    Session: Session I
    Day: T, W, Th
    Time: 2:00pm - 4:30pm
    Credit Hours: 4 Credits
    Course Format: "Remote Learning" Course for Summer 2022
    Brandeis Graduation Requirement Fulfilled: SS, QR
    Enrollment Limit: 10 students
    Course Classification: Available for Graduate Credit
    Course Tuition: $3,290
    Course Fees: None
    Open to High School Students: No