Brandeis University

    MATH 15A: Applied Linear Algebra

    Instructor: Shizhe Liang
    Prerequisites: MATH 5a and permission of the instructor, placement by examination, or any mathematics course numbered 10 or above. Students may take MATH 15a or 22a for credit, but not both.
    Course Description: <b>This course will be a traditional on-campus course in Summer 2022</b><br> Matrices, determinants, linear equations, vector spaces, eigenvalues, quadratic forms, linear programming. Emphasis on techniques and applications.
    Session: Session I
    Day: M, T, TH, F
    Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
    Credit Hours: 4 Credits
    Course Format: On-Campus Course for Summer 2022
    Brandeis Graduation Requirement Fulfilled: SN
    Enrollment Limit:
    Course Classification: Undergraduate Level Course
    Course Tuition: $3,290
    Course Fees: None
    Open to High School Students: No