Brandeis University

    ENG 126B: Joyce's Ulysses

    Instructor: David Sherman
    Prerequisites: None
    Course Description: This seminar is an opportunity to become absorbed in Joyce’s Ulysses as a member of an interpretive community. Published in 1922, this novel has impacted modern literature like no other. A novel at the edge of the genre of the novel, Ulysses is a highly experimental, weirdly delightful, and encyclopedic world-making project. We will explore it chapter by chapter, with parallel readings of Homer and other intertexts. We will also consider the place of Ulysses in modernism, the explosive cultural project across the arts in the early 20th century that is still with us. Our intensive, collaborative approach to Ulysses will serve different needs for each student, based on individual academic and creative commitments; this book is a powerful resource for all of them.
    Session: Session I
    Day: M, T, W, Th
    Time: 1:50pm - 3:50pm
    Credit Hours: 4 Credits
    Course Format: On-Campus Course for Summer 2022
    Brandeis Graduation Requirement Fulfilled: HUM, WI
    Enrollment Limit: 20 students
    Course Classification: Undergraduate Level Course
    Course Tuition: $3,290
    Course Fees: None
    Open to High School Students: No