Brandeis University

    PHYS 10A: Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena I

    Instructor: Richard Williams
    Prerequisites: None
    Course Description: The goal of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Newtonian Mechanics. Using Algebra based analytical techniques students will begin with the question of how objects move by studying Kinematics in one and two dimensions. Next, students will ask the question of why objects move by studying Newton’s laws of motion. Through careful manipulation of Newton’s second law students will explore the concepts of Work, Energy, and Energy conservation as well as the principles of momentum and collisions. Finally, students will apply the principles they have learned to statics, rotational dynamics, and Fluid Mechanics.
    Session: Session I
    Day: M, T, W, Th
    Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    Credit Hours: 4 Credits
    Course Format: 2253
    Brandeis Graduation Requirement Fulfilled: QR, SN
    Enrollment Limit: 20 students
    Course Classification: Undergraduate Level Course
    Course Tuition: $3,100
    Course Fees: None
    Open to High School Students: Yes